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Your Friendly, Baseline Explanation of the 12 Houses of Astrology

Dividing the houses into two groups is useful for interpreting natal charts; however, the individual meanings of each house are more helpful in understanding transits and aspects of your own natal chart and life. Whether you are trying to learn about the houses so that you can fully read your natal chart or you want to gain a better understanding of planetary transits , it is essential to understand what each house represents and how it is ruled. The first house is how you project yourself through expression, mannerisms and personal image. This house is ruled by Mars and connects everyone to the sign of Aries through a fiery energy that urges you to truly represent yourself and acknowledge your potential. How You Can Use Draconic Astrology to Better Understand Your Soul The first house in natal charts is your persona and beginning, but only because it is also the best way to understand karmic debt and how they personally relate to the world. Because it is much like the South Node, it portrays mental habits and thus dictates how you process things. Connected to the sign Taurus ruled by Venus, the second astrology house rules over your values and material goals. In the natal chart, it also governs income, natural talents, wealth and how you feel safe. Because what you own is not only material, this house also rules over our comforts, abilities and needs. It not only dictates how you view money and helps you define a livelihood, but also drives to what you value over material items. With a focus on travel and mental agility, the third house is ruled by Mercury and related to the sign Gemini.

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